Things to do in and around Zell am See and Kaprun

Attractions in and around Kaprun / Zell am See to enhance any Austrian holiday. Or things to do and what to see in the Salzburgerland area of Austria.

1) Visit the Kitzsteinhorn glacier mountain above Kaprun, fantastic views, complete with 3 cable cars to take you to the top. With a further funicular railway to take you down onto the glacier.  A new summit restaurant, cinema and viewing platforms opened recently.  It is possible to take guided walks to the very top of the Kitzsteinhorn at 3203 Metres what a view!

2) Go up on the Maisikogel lift, from Kaprun, take your bike and cycle back down the hill, or  just go for a hike, routes galore, open winter and summer.
So much to see and do in the Kaprun - Zell am See areas, all year round

3) Sigmund-Thun-Klamm,   is a steep gorge, very pleasant and interesting walk on boarded platforms above the waters.  In summer come back for the lighted torch walk! worth at least two visits!!  Call in during the day also at the free hydro electric museum, next  to the gorge ticket office, for the history of the hydro electric scheme / Kaprun dams going back to the 1930's.

4)  Visit the superb  Tauern Spa Kaprun it opens its doors all years round, at 80 million + euro investment it will have been worth the wait. Whether after a hard days skiing, a mountain walk, or just for a relaxation and pamper its well worth a visit.  Sauna and Spa area, textile and non textile areas ( clothed and separate nude area).

Tauern Spa Kaprun a visit will enhance any holiday

5) Visit the high  Alpine reservoirs,  travel over alpine passes, and take a ride in a high level cable, plenty of choice with stunning views, take a further look and click on the attached link.  Hochgebirgsstauseen - Tauernkraftwerke 

Kaprun reservoirs note the glaciers in the distance well worth a visit

6) Burg Kaprun, visit Kapruns castle, with a history going back nearly a thousand years,  worth a visit,  events,  pageants and parties are held in this location throughout the year. 
Kaprun castle, note picture and  Zell am See in a lakeside setting in the far distance.  
Burg - Kaprun - Castle

7) A blast into the past with Vötters Oldtimer- Car Museum, it is located just down from Kaprun  castle on route down to the village centre. There is a train outside the hotel entrance and the museum is located in the basement area.

 8) Grossglockner Pass is a toll road, and is the highest pass in western Europe, ride over it by bus, car, coach, taxi, motorbike or even cycle over for the ultimate challenge!  the Grossglockner pass (Großglockner Hochalpenstrasse), whatever your mode of transport expect to be impressed, but choose a sunny day, open from May to October, weather dependent.

In the 2011 Season  the Grossglockner High Alpine Road opened on Thursday 21 April 2011. which was much earlier than normal May opening,  after closing for the winter snows.  It normally stays open until early November weather dependent.

The pass makes a spectacular passage  from Salzburgland  - Carinthia- Southern Austria, with  glaciers to be seen.   There a  shops and exhibitions in the alpine nature show and at the restaurants and will normally be open for daytime passages.

Grossglockner Pass fantastic whether to drive or cycle!!

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Kaprun -


  1. Great idea to post a list of highlights in the area like this. Great idea, great post and great blog too! Especially the Tauern Spa Kaprun and the Castle look very seducing. Is it better to go when it's winter, or when it's summer?

  2. Its an all year resort area, with winter sports, summer golf, glacier experience, fantastic lake, and a super spa at Tauern Spa Kaprun.

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  4. I think i must spend my christmas holidays to Kapuran.It seems that it is a great place to enjoy holidays with our family.I liked your blog.

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  5. This is a fantastic map! I am thinking of going on Vienna City Breaks in 2012 and where else in Austria to visit! Grossglockner Pass certainly looks worth a visit!

  6. Thanks for your great post. Austria is next on my list to visit snowboarding. Kaprun looks like it has a great deal of variety for different abilities. Switzerland is also great, Zermatt ski in particular. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is very beautiful country.
    I really really want to go there.
    Thanks for sharing.

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