38 things to do on an Austrian winter holiday - and 79 Austrian things to be thankful for!

Skiing above the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier near Kaprun

Kitzsteinhorn glacier above Kaprun where it possible to ski in the Summer months.

Thinking about winter holidays? or skiing holidays in Austria? I started a list off to count up the options, of things to do, places to go,  got to twenty suggestions and the ideas still came flooding out. But it is reasonable to say that there is plenty to do and see on a winter / ski holiday in Austria.

If you are looking for a list of events and happenings in the Kaprun and Zell am See ( On the internet sometimes spelt ZellamSee ) ski  area click on the link here.

Salzburg a superb city to visit whatever the time of the year.

Salzburg in winter, a fantastic city to visit, explore and to shop in.

36 things to do on a winter holiday in Austria
  1. Go in search of Apre Ski. (what you do after a day on the slopes, eat, drink & party).
  2. Visit an Art gallery in Salzburg, Vienna, Linz, or Innsbruck, cities of culture.
  3. Visit a local museum Bad Gastien, Kaprun, Zell am See or Saalfalden  are pretty interesting ones.
  4. Visit a Wellness, Spa or Beauty centers, relax, unwind, ease away aches and pains. Tauern Spa Kaprun and  the  spas  in the  Gastein  valley  are  fantastic  places  to  chill.
  5. Skittles or indoor Bowling  great with a beer!
  6. Children's playgrounds, children still like them in the snow!
  7. Visit the cinema, improve your German! some have international day showings.
  8. Cleared footpath walks to follow, stopping at a mountain restaurant for a hot chocolate or something stronger!.
  9. Cross Country Skiing across the valley bottom.
  10. Curling on ice or even on a frozen lake?
  11. Horse riding in the snow, or maybe a sleigh ride.
  12. Ice-skating inside or outside
  13. Ice-sailing something different
  14. Ice-surfing?
  15. Indoor tennis at Zell am see.
  16. Outdoor fitness course, take a run
  17. Nordic Walking - walking with poles, give that body a workout.
  18. Top up the sun tan, bright and sunny in the snow.
  19. Spa, sauna, steam room, Spa-World-Kaprun  well  worth  a  visit,   or  try  the  Gastein valley  with  2  fantastic  thermal  spas,  at  Bad Hofgastein  the  alpentherme.com or at Badgastein  Felsentherme.
  20. ? Make  this one up for your self? or go and see an ice hockey match in Zell am See
  21. Snow shoeing,  walking  across  snowy  slopes  through  trees  and  across  snow  covered  meadows.
  22.  Have a ride on a horse drawn sleigh
  23. Skiing an independent view point 
  24. Sit  have  a coffee  or  a   Glühwein  and  soak  soak  up the  atmosphere and  history  of  the  place. 
  25. Snow-boarding.
  26. Snow-tubing.
  27. Snow Kiting
  28. Parascending
  29. Visit a Sports centre with a gym.
  30. Squash or tennis.
  31. Swimming pool inside or out?
  32. Sledging or tobogganing there is a great one in Kaprun
  33. Winter markets, shopping at Zell am See or Salzburg market in the snow.
  34. Sit down have a hot chocolate, take in the views and relax, you are on holiday.
  35. Have a meal to remember having burnt off the calories.
  36. Hot air ballooning over snowy mountains! Balloon festival at the end of January (now  moved  into  January) in Kaprun and Zell am See
  37. Take a cable car to the top of a mountain and take in the view. Schmitten views, history and activities
  38. You are on holiday you decide? 

      Winter Ski map of the Kaprun and Zell am See area.

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      Attached  was added at a later date and is copied with permission from an interesting blog found / written by an American teaching assistant by the name of Rebecca, who was based in the  Austrian City of  Graz, on her work experience trip in Austria.

      "Under the heading I'm thankful" it adds to quite a list of 79  things about Austria.

      1.     for a city that's safe at night
      2.     for a city that's safe during the day
      3.     for a fantastic church home
      4.     for a rich national history
      5.     for accessible and affordable operas
      6.     for affordable housing
      7.     for an abundance of castles
      8.     for an orderly and cheap laundry system in my apartment building
      9.     for Austrian school and office supplies -- so much cooler!
      10.     for balls (i.e. dancing balls, like Cinderella went to a ball)
      11.     for bike paths
      12.     for cheap but good wine and beer
      13.     for cheap sparkling mineral water
      14.     for cheap, convenient and reliable train travel within Austria
      15.     for cheap/easy/convenient opportunities to travel within Europe
      16.     for church bells that ring at 7 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, and 7 pm
      17.     for consistently good coffee
      18.     for cute, quaint villages
      19.     for dialect and its accompanying amusements, puzzles and challenges
      20.     for everyone who helped me and/or made phone calls to figure out all the bureaucratic visa stuff
      21.     for everything pumpkin out of Styria: pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin cream soup, pumpkin bread, etc.
      22.     for exclusively Austrian Sturm, Glühwein, Christmas markets, and Buschenschanks
      23.     for ex-pats
      24.     for friends
      25.     for good bread and cheese
      26.     for good health insurance and no referrals
      27.     for good places to run and bike
      28.     for having 38 public holidays
      29.     for having the Mur river running though town
      30.     for hospitality
      31.     for how Austrians will really pull through for you
      32.     for incredible scenery
      33.     for kebabs
      34.     for Labello
      35.     for lackadaisical passport control officials
      36.     for living in a bike-friendly city
      37.     for meeting so many cool people from all over the world
      38.     for my connections
      39.     for my fellow foreigners
      40.     for old European streets, houses, and architecture in general; especially how this everyday cityscape stayed fresh and new for me
      41.     for reliable public transportation
      42.     for skiing and Austrian-style sledding
      43.     for so much free/leisure time
      44.     for sturdy toilet paper and tissues
      45.     for the abundance and coexistence of kitsch, history, and design
      46.     for the Austrians who adopted me and introduced me to Austrian life and culture
      47.     for the comfortable pace and quality of life
      48.     for the coziness of Graz
      49.     for the insanely cheap price of a chunk of fresh mozzarella
      50.     for the lack of cockroaches, poison ivy, and poisonous spiders and snakes
      51.     for the ubiquitous ice cream stands in the summer
      52.     for traditional clothing and accordion music
      53.     for tram and bus drivers who will stop the vehicle and wait for you if they see you running to catch a ride
      54.     for wearing slippers at home or as a guest in someone's home
      55.     for wonderful room mates and a flexible landlady
      56.     that Austria takes care of its people
      57.     that dogs are so well-behaved here and are allowed to go everywhere
      58.     that even in Austria I can be BFF with my bank teller(s)
      59.     that Graz was the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2003 and therefore has lots of spiffy new buildings and such
      60.     that having a car is so unnecessary
      61.     that having a real Christmas tree with real candles is the only tree most of them have ever known
      62.     that I can leave my bike simply standing and loosely locked anywhere in the city and it will still be there when I come back
      63.     that I can understand German on the phone
      64.     that I can walk in to the doctor's office without an appointment and actually be seen
      65.     that I could live in the same apartment for over 2 years - longer than any other apartment I've ever had
      66.     that I had so many visitors in the past couple years!
      67.     that I lived for 2 years without a deadbolt and it never bothered me
      68.     that I'm no longer pre-judged on the basis of my president
      69.     that it is so easy to split the bill in a restaurant
      70.     that my room doesn't face a street
      71.     that nearly everything you ever use is recycled
      72.     that people have stopped introducing me as, "This is Rebecca. She's American."
      73.     that receiving phone calls is free on your mobile phone
      74.     that Styria has it all -- mountains, hills, vineyards, thermal baths…
      75.     that tax is included in all your purchases and tipping is practically nonexistent
      76.     that the country is very stable and doesn't have any severe political or international problems
      77.     that there are so many old people who are out and about
      78.     that there are very few Americans in comparison with other Austrian cities
      79.     that there are very few tourists in comparison with the other Austrian cities"

      Quite a list, we would welcome other suggestions about what is good about Austria.