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Not really sure where to start with a blog, or what really a blog is? some type of public diary is the best description I can come up with I think?

The purpose is two fold really one to learn bit more about computers, and the other is to link articles from the blog with the website at

In time a link will be put in from that website, but a first until I find my feet and have a fair few articles written about holidays / vacation in Austria. With perhaps a few pictures to enhance the articles and a few links to add that extra interest the blog will be low key at first, but who knows what the future holds?

I have lots of ideas re articles, winter, summer holidays, ski, skiing, Innsbruck, Salzburg, food, mountains, wine, winter sport, adventure holiday, family holidays, Austrian history are just a few initial thoughts.

In time I will welcome comments, or I might lose a bit of interest. The other thought is that people staying in the Salzburgerland area might use the blog, to get holiday ideas of their own, and submit their own suggestions for others to consider.

So that is it really, a website for Austrian holidays in Kaprun, Zell am See and around the surrounding Salzburg region area, with perhaps an occasional sojourn to some of the other regions the Innsbruck in the Tyrol is a definite one.

Just started a Google Picasa web Album entitled "Austrian Views" as pictures get put on this blog, they will be stored on the Picasa website, for you and others to enjoy. Some of the photographs are original others have been copied from other sites and referred back to the linking article where possible.

So I will sign off now, until next time.

Derek - Austria

P.S. Please have a look at the article below, on 30 reasons why to visit Zell am See and Kaprun, I would welcome your suggestions.

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