More Impressions from Austria

Click on the link above, and you will find an interesting site with some lovely photographs, which really give a good impression of Austria and gets you in the holiday mood.

I will need to practice more to get more photographs of this quality. I found this photograph above on my internet travels, click on the scene it to get the full effect, which I found to be stunning, it shows the Kaprun Alpine Reservoir which were finally completed after the war with funding from the Marshall Plan. It is just up the valley pass the Kitzsteinhorn ski lifts and is well worth a day out in the summer months to admire the engineering, scenery and wildlife.

The Kapruner Tal (Valley of Kaprun) is very attractive in the summer due to its dams and setting. The dams are built one above the other, like terraces, and took many years to be completed. Many engineers come to visit and research them as engineering marvels in their own right
If you like these sort of things, you can visit the Turbinenhaus (Turbine House), inside the Tauernkraftwerke, which is an hydroelectric plant. In there you can observe the many shafts, tunnels, turbines and structures. There is also museum with displays of technical drawings and photographs. The dams offer an opportunity of a whole day of exploring around the dams where something like nineteen billion gallons of water are stored, 4.54 litres to a gallon so you can work it out for yourself! You can get to the dam lakes by using the postal bus and a funicular railway take you up the up the mountain to observe the dams close up.

The dams are normally open to the public from May till October only.

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