Safe places to holiday in? - Austria

Interesting link listing the 10 safest places in the world for travelers. The list is a bit objective but comes up with the following countries:-  New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Austria, Sweden, Japan, Canada, Finland and Slovenia.

The list seems to pick up on the best places with some common themes:- i) Nordic countries ii), Alpine countries, or iii) Tundra countries. The top ten  list comes from a survey of 144 countries and they look at 23 specific areas as indicators to come up with their favourites.

Political Map of Austria, showing adjacent countries

When it comes to Austria, it has the following in favour, a  politically stable country, population community orientated (as opposed to "my" rights orientated), Austria is a religious county counting on the number of beautiful Catholic churches, secondary indicators include the absence of litter and  the "graffiti" index, the  Austrians come over as friendly, honest, kind law abiding, and are very proud of their nationality. 

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