Krimml Waterfalls - Highest waterfalls in Europe

Walking in the Austrian Mountains near Krimml

Krimml Waterfalls  claim to be the highest waterfall in Europe, and allegedly the 5th largest oner in the world, they are located in the splendid Hohe Tauern National Park, about 150 km south west of  Salzburg and directly west from the scenic resort lakeside market  town of Zell am See.  The falls are next to Austrian village of Krimml  of the same name.

Krimml Waterfalls are 380 m high. They are  split up into 3 parts, the first section is 140 metres high, the  middle section is 100m long and the upper section is  a further 140 metres in climb. The total drop is in total  380 metres. The  noise of the roar of falling water can be heard in its immediate vicinity,  and from the path that climb up the west side of the cascade  up a large and picturesque pine forested wooded valley. 

Krimml waterfalls view  from the bottom

Krimml Waterfalls are easily accessible by local train from Zell am See, it is also possible to put bikes on the train up to Krimml station and cycle back down the valley.  

The  waterfalls from  are accessible by paying a small entrance fee of  around 2 Euro. There are facilities, next to the pay point:-  restaurant, toilet and shop.  There is a  good  wide walking track  leading up to the top of Krimml Waterfalls. With plenty of places to stop take in the views and to sit.  After a walk of around half a hour there is an excellent Austrian restaurant / hostelry where its possible to have a meal / hot chocolate or something a little stronger.  Fit walkers may want to walk further  up the mountain trail to the top.  

In 1967  the waterfalls  were nominated by the European Council as an excellent example of conservation of nature,  but for many years  the Krimml waterfalls have been  a popular  tourist holiday destination.  So if you are in the area, it well worth the effort to take in the sights.  On sunny days you are guaranteed to see rainbows a plenty enjoy.

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