Traveling in and around Austria in your car what you will need.

Austria Holiday Journey tips for car drivers

Plan your route well in advance – this way you will arrive at your destination quickly and safely.
Take account  of  traffic  and weather conditions  as you go over the Alps
Grossglockner  Alpine  mountain pass, a great summer drive

Make the journey a relaxed part of your holiday and include enough breaks.
  • Autobahn vignette all car divers who are travelling on autobahns in Austria  must  display  valid vignette ( certificate)  to the windscreen. Current prices at year 2013 for i) 10 days €8.30, ii) 2 months €24.20, iii) 1 year €80.60.  If  you have hired a car  in Austria  the Vignette  will be included,  but  if  you have  hired from outside Austria  you  will  need to purchase one from a Petrol service station. 

Austrian  Vignette  for  Motorway  use
  • Make way  for an "Emergency lane" in traffic jams: make way for emergency vehicles! On autobahns and highways, a "lane" must be formed between the individual traffic lanes, so that if  there is a traffic jam or the traffic is slowing down. This will helps emergency vehicles to get to an incident more quickly.
  • In Austria  winter tyres are compulsory from 1st November to 15th April In winter conditions, between 1st November and 15th April, winter tyres must be used or snow chains on at least two drive wheels. Snow chains are only allowed, however, if the road is continuously covered with snow or ice. Again Austrian hire  cars  will come  with these as standard.
  • Have a  reflective high Viz / vest with you  outside built-up areas car drivers must put on a reflective vest after a breakdown or accident when entering the road.
  • Other things you need when driving in Austria Warning triangle, first-aid box, hands-free speakerphone, other valid personal documents (driver's license, insurance documentation, European Health Insurance Card)
We wish you a safe journey for your well-deserved Austria holiday.  

For  further information on driving  in Austria  please see this link

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